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Design Odyssey

All About Us

The dream is a dream alone, a Dream together is reality.

Design Odyssey is an ideal design education platform for students to build a solid foundation and prepare for a career in the industry. No matter which program you pick, you’re guaranteed a quality education from passionate instructors. Whether you’re enrolled or thinking of applying, continue browsing to read about our programs, admissions process and so much more.


Design Odyssey is a platform for every student or creative or any working professional who wants to boost his/her skills.


With Design Odyssey professionals one can boost their creative skills by doing our specially curated mentorship program. It’s a one-on-one interaction program. It can work as your thesis or a side project to learn skills.

Education consultant

Design Odyssey is an experienced design education consultant with a team of diverse industry professionals. We offer a range of consulting services for improving, Design course structure, and learning methodologies.

Our Courses

Automotive/Product Sketching

With Design Odyssey anyone can learn sketching from the industry professional. This will be a monthly workshop and personal training program as well.

Originality in deisgn

If you are a design student or a working professional who is struggling to find his/her style in design then Design Odyssey can help you in figuring out. 

Portfolio review and development

Every beginner struggles in making his/her first portfolio and every person who have one doubts if he/she did the right thing then we can help you in developing your first portfolio and also help in reviewing your portfolio. 

“A great idea is only as good as your ability to make it happen”



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