FOR-X, Zoox’s Revolutionary Autonomous Mobility Concept by Ye Eun Kim

Title of design: ZOOX FOR-X Concept

This project is a CMF project that collaborated with an automotive designer that show the future mobility concept for ZOOX.

In a world where the impact of climate change is increasingly evident, Zoox, with its design philosophy of ‘The Art of Living Together,’ is spearheading a transformative initiative. More than just a vehicle, Zoox envisions an entire ecosystem dedicated to enhancing mobility as a service, creating products that are not only more human-centric but also environmentally sympathetic. This collaborative project with an automotive designer aims to introduce a fully autonomous product that not only benefits humanity but also contributes to healing the Earth.

The urgency to address climate change is clear, with the Earth’s temperature rising faster than anticipated since the 1980s. Three major culprits – burning fossil fuels, deforestation, and intensive agriculture – are at the forefront of this crisis. Focusing on the issue of deforestation, the FOR-X mobility concept seeks to restore nature to our urban landscapes, aligning with Zoox’s commitment to improving life through mobility.

Drawing inspiration from the beauty of the forest, FOR-X encapsulates the mesmerizing moments found within the woodland. The concept is aptly named ‘The New Nature,’ incorporating the Japanese term ‘Komorebi,’ which signifies the sunlight filtering through the trees and leaves. The goal is to replicate the mindful, restful ambience of the forest in an innovative, fully autonomous vehicle.

The colour palette of ‘The New Nature’ theme comprises five main colours, reflecting the soft and soothing mood of nature. Earthy tones of soft sage green and light tan ecru mirror the greens of the forest, while shades of light cornsilk yellow and salmon peach express the dimensional glistening of sunlight between leaves.

Material selection for ‘The New Nature’ theme revolves around three main trends:

Meaningful Innovation: Showcasing materials developed for sustainable purposes.
Phytogenic Design: Utilizing plant-derived materials to emphasize the connection between humans and nature.
Sensorial Interaction: Providing an integrated, naturally intuitive experience through the interaction of the senses.
These trends guide the selection of materials that create a dimensional illusion, evoke the textures of nature, offer innovative digitized touch, and provide a healing quality through their materiality. FOR-X aims to immerse passengers in the comfort of a forest bathed in warm sunlight, successfully bringing the forest back to the city.

As we embark on this journey with Zoox and the FOR-X mobility concept, the overarching goal is clear – to contribute to the restoration of our planet, one innovative and sustainable mobility solution at a time. FOR-X is not just a vehicle; it is a visionary step towards a future where humans and nature coexist harmoniously in the urban landscape. Together, we can drive change and create a more sustainable and connected world for everyone.

Design Process:

Final Concept:

About the Designer:

Ye Eun Kim is an experienced professional automotive surface designer in the United States. Her work is focused on producing both conceptual and industrial 3D models and creating a visualization of colours, materials and finishes of the 3D model.

Throughout the career journey, she had various opportunities to collaborate with many international talents on a wide range of projects, contributing a valuable facet to her professional experience.

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