Noma Kyoto’s New Pop-Up: Where Nordic and Japanese Cultures Meet in Stunning Design

Noma, the world-renowned restaurant, has unveiled its latest pop-up in Kyoto, Japan, and it’s nothing short of stunning. The restaurant has enlisted the help of OEO Studio, a Danish design firm, to create interiors that pay homage to both Nordic and Japanese cultures. The result is a space that reflects Noma’s heritage while also capturing its vision for the Kyoto branch.

Working alongside the Ace Hotel, OEO Studio has transformed an existing restaurant into the latest Noma pop-up. The space already had impressive credentials, such as high ceilings and views across the gardens. However, OEO Studio has taken the space to the next level, updating the secondary dining room and two private dining rooms to suit the spirit of Noma.

Throughout the design, tactile and warm elements are key factors. Soft lighting casts shadows across the earthy colour palette, creating an inviting atmosphere. The furniture selection includes a mix of custom pieces and those sourced from brands such as Time & Style and Stellar Works. Additionally, OEO Studio’s own AYA collection features prominently and was inspired by the similarities and differences between Japanese and Scandinavian design aesthetics.

Local craftspeople were brought on board to create surface materials and ceramic pieces, including tatami mats that double up as acoustic walls and room dividers, and bamboo structures that hang from the ceilings to create dining zones. These elements add a local touch and help to create a unique experience for diners.

According to René Redzepi, chef and owner of Noma, the pop-up has taken around two years to come to life. He emphasized the importance of considering every detail in the restaurant’s design, from the choice of products and producers to what the restaurant should look like. For this project, OEO Studio was the perfect match, with their experience and expertise in design and craftsmanship in Japan.

Overall, Noma Kyoto’s new pop-up is a stunning example of how design can elevate the dining experience. OEO Studio has managed to create a space that is based on Noma’s identity while also showing great respect for local design and craftsmanship. If you’re ever in Kyoto, this pop-up is definitely worth a visit!

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