The Future of Fashion: Iris Van Herpen’s Architectonics Collection at Paris Couture Week

Get ready to be mesmerized as Iris Van Herpen takes the fashion world by storm at Paris Couture Week with her groundbreaking Fall 2023 collection, “Architectonics.” Inspired by the captivating realms of “aquatic architecture” and “bionic innovations,” Van Herpen transports us to a future where floating cities and pioneering design redefine our perception of fashion.

Drawing inspiration from the visionary French architect and oceanographer, Jacques Rougerie, known as the “Architect of the Sea,” Van Herpen’s collection merges scientific exploration with architectural genius. Rougerie’s underwater habitats and floating laboratories set the stage for Van Herpen’s avant-garde designs that blend seamlessly into the land and sea.

Step into the world of “aquatic urbanism” where gravity seems to lose its grip, and fluidity reigns supreme. Van Herpen’s designs appear to levitate with ethereal grace, while others pay homage to the forces that anchor us to the ground. To complement this otherworldly vision, she collaborated with SCRY, a future-minded label, to create fantastical footwear that adapts effortlessly to any environment.

Oceanix, the world’s first floating city under construction in South Korea, also serves as a muse for Van Herpen. Designed by the renowned architect Bjarke Ingels, Oceanix represents a future of sustainable living with circular water systems and coastal habitat regeneration. Van Herpen’s collection brings these concepts to life, with dynamic pieces adorned in vivid patterns that dance harmoniously with the human form.

Prepare to be captivated by Van Herpen’s innovative couture techniques that blur the boundaries between fashion and floating architecture. With her “Biophilic” technique, she seamlessly blends laser-cut bonded moulds with marble-textured silicone, creating a mesmerizing shell-like appearance. The “Oceanix” process takes graphic polygon patterns and delicately balances them on fine fibreglass rods, allowing the body to move with effortless grace. And with the “Sensorama” technique, 0.7mm brass is intricately waterjet-cut and folded into 3D fractal mineral formations, resulting in breathtakingly intricate designs.

Iris Van Herpen’s Fall 2023 collection is a testament to her visionary spirit, pushing the boundaries of couture to dress humanity for a future where water becomes our frontier. Prepare to be awestruck by her Architectonics collection and embark on a journey into the undiscovered depths of fashion. Explore the gallery above and immerse yourself in a world where fashion and architecture unite in perfect harmony.

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