The FSD 59: A Glimpse into the Future of Motorbikes

Frank Stephenson Design, under the helm of renowned designer Frank Stephenson, has unveiled its latest creation: the FSD 59. This futuristic motorbike seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology, bold design concepts, and enhanced functionality. Reflecting the studio’s penchant for innovation, the FSD 59 joins a prestigious portfolio that includes projects ranging from space capsules to eVTOLs, supercars to child seats.

Conceived through a meticulous creative process, the FSD 59 embodies the studio’s vision by pushing boundaries in electric and hydrogen-powered bicycle design. With a focus on versatility, the design team aimed to cater to various riding preferences, from sport bikes to high-end commuters, by incorporating customizable features such as adjustable handlebars, footpegs, and seats. Striking a balance between agility and comfort, the motorbike maintains a lightweight construction without sacrificing safety or performance.

Key highlights of the FSD 59 include its monocoque platform with a modular battery system, dynamic windshield angle adjustment, augmented reality-enabled Heads-Up Display (HUD), and a sleek one-piece fairing. These innovative features underscore the bike’s adaptability and forward-thinking design ethos.

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