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Hyundai X Blackpink  | By Sachin Tensing

Hyundai has always been at the heart of cultural changes in Korean Society. it’s an integral part of the Korean wave in technology just like Music. it makes sense to Celebrate these two factors with K-pop artists leading the wave.

The Hyundai  X Blackpink Collab Concept is close to the brand roots, It’s an expression of the strong Feminine outbound global influence of young & desirable styles and genres. But this city car’s character is far from Naive. The feminine and sensuous design language in an era where sharp and aggressive-looking cars are dominant. It is a combination of sculptural surfaces, both soft and voluptuous accompanied by a fun colour palette, thus creating a unique piece of art with sharp and intricate details.

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Go, Blink!

Duration: 3 Months

Mentors: Pravin Gaikwad | Ajay Chowdhary