HYUNDAI CATAPULT By Siddhesh Bhogale

It is a proposal to escape the ordinary and to relive the joy of driving with an enhanced driving twist. Following Hyundai’s core principle of an Empathetic approach, the vehicle promises to truly Wake one’s instincts ! or as said encourage one to “ Feel the feeling .” The Design features a blend of sensuality through line tensions and surface flow with sporty performance-enhancing elements. The seamless vehicle volume is complemented with punchy graphics giving the vehicle a modern streamlined character. A remarkable Design expression is the representation of the Hyundai symbol with line tensions forming the functionally quirky side profile of the vehicle. N specific Performance-enhancing elements, use of sporty textures, lightweight materials and a specific streamlined helmet boosts aerodynamic capabilities and signifies the vehicle being inspired by the Passion of Performance N-line.

Duration: 3 Months

Mentors: Pravin Gaikwad | Ajay Chowdhary

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