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Audi EP4 Concept: Reviving a Classic with Electrifying Style

In celebration of the 150th anniversary at the Audi site in Neckarsulm, a group of talented apprentices took on a remarkable project: transforming an iconic classic car into an electrified masterpiece. Unveiled on July 8, 2023, the Audi EP4 concept pays homage to the NSU Prinz 4, a beloved model produced in Neckarsulm from 1961 to 1973. This blog takes you on a thrilling journey through the creation of the EP4, showcasing the craftsmanship, innovation, and passion that went into this remarkable automotive achievement.

“We wanted to build a car that was not only fast and looked cool but also honored the 150th-anniversary of the site,” says Dean Scheuffle


  1. The Birth of EP4: Restoring a Slumbering Prince
    • Meet Dean Scheuffler, an apprentice automotive mechanic at Audi, who shares the vision behind EP4.
    • Discover how the team carefully selected a 1971 NSU Prinz 4, breathing new life into the sleeping classic.
    • Witness the transformation as rust spots are meticulously fixed, laying the foundation for the EP4’s conversion.
  2. Electrifying Performance: Powertrain and Battery Innovations
    • Explore the impressive heart of the EP4, where a 240-horsepower electric motor now resides.
    • Learn how the motor, sourced from the Audi e-Tron, seamlessly integrates into the EP4’s design.
    • Unveil the hidden battery, cleverly placed under the front hood, and marvel at its power source from the Audi Q7 TFSI e quattro plug-in hybrid.
  3. Exquisite Exterior: Blending Athleticism and History
    • Dive into the exterior design elements that pay tribute to the NSU Prinz while exuding a modern flair.
    • Appreciate the iconic shoulder and roof lines preserved from the 1970s model.
    • Delight in the captivating Audi colours, Suzuka Grey and Brilliant Black, adorning the EP4’s body.
    • Admire the wide fenders, designed using cutting-edge 3D printing and equipped with performance tires for a sporty stance.
  4. Racing-Inspired Interior: A Blend of Minimalism and Functionality
    • Step inside the EP4’s interior, featuring eye-catching Signal Yellow accents and a striking roll cage.
    • Experience the minimalist approach with a focus on essential elements, complemented by black finishes.
    • Discover the “Recaro Podium” bucket seats that offer both comfort and support for spirited driving.
    • Learn how a single-board computer and screen handle essential vehicle information and diagnostics.
  5. Apprentices’ Triumph: Skills, Passion, and Technological Innovations
    • Gain insights into the invaluable experience gained by the apprentices during this ambitious project.
    • Witness their utilization of advanced techniques such as 3D printing and carbon fibre applications.
    • Celebrate their growth as a team, guided by Audi’s Technical Development experts.
    • Reflect on the EP4’s significance as a bridge between NSU’s historic achievements and Audi’s future in electric mobility.


The Audi EP4 Concept is a testament to the incredible talents of Audi’s apprentices, their dedication to craftsmanship, and their innovative spirit. As a symbol of Audi’s commitment to a strong future, this electrified classic showcases the merging of history and cutting-edge advancements in electric mobility. With every detail meticulously crafted and its performance radiating from every angle, the EP4 stands as a remarkable achievement, earning well-deserved pride from both its creators and car enthusiasts worldwide.

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