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BMW HyperX Sports Activity Coupe | Self-actualization through extreme sports has become mainstream among the young generation.

Automotive Designer- Yi-Wei Chiu

A California-based Taiwanese automotive designer. He has spent a lot of time moving around, which has helped him build a multicultural and liberal mindset. He prefers to keep things straightforward and crucial. He has a strong sense of futuristic vision and thinks that, because of electrification and autonomous technology, this is the finest time to design cars because they have so many options and room for boundless inventiveness. His creation facilitates a seamless transition to electric cars and new technology. He explained that when designing a car, it’s not just about creating an eye-catching exterior; it’s also about creating an experience that can meet the needs of the target audience. He enjoys adapting the user’s perspective and thoroughly investigating their interactions with the vehicle.

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Project Brief:

Yi-Wei Chiu believes that the future of large extensive automation and AI technology would impact our society. On the human side, the young generation might struggle more to find their purpose of living, because all the basic needs have been fulfilled. Experience-based lifestyle will become the mainstream. As such, He targeted snowboarding and extreme off-roading as the background settings. Practising

extreme sports will become more and more popular because of the excitement and fulfilling feeling it provides. Yi-Wei wanted to reimagine a car capable of extreme off-roading in snow and all terrains to help realize this type of lifestyle and experience.

Yi-Wei Chiu shared that the design language of this BMW is heavily inspired by brutalist architecture. The decisive surface and structure relations of brutalist architecture fits right with the relentless spirit of snowboarding because they are both incredibly bold and clear. Through the target user study, Chiu decided to design a car specifically for snowboarders, it’s important to have a statement just for them. That’s how he imagined the snowboard being integrated with the car seamlessly and forming the BMW’s identical grill shape, which can also be detached easily. On the side view, the proportion is so extreme that the roof tapers down and the sculpture on the body side is shooting up to balance the whole car. Some views of my proposal sketches really emphasize the brutalist surfacing on all views.

Design Sketches:


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