The Pininfarina Battista Nino Farina Edition: A Legendary Tribute to Motorsport Excellence

Automobili Pininfarina is set to astound automotive enthusiasts with the exclusive and limited-edition Pininfarina Battista Edizione Nino Farina. This exceptional hyper GT pays homage to the motorsport icon and first-ever Formula One World Champion, Nino Farina. With only five meticulously crafted units available worldwide, each adorned with bespoke features celebrating pivotal milestones in Nino Farina’s racing career, this Italian masterpiece promises an unrivalled and one-of-a-kind ownership experience.

Honouring a Legend: Battista ‘Pinin’ Farina, the renowned founder of Carrozzeria Pininfarina, is the inspiration behind Automobili Pininfarina’s inaugural vehicle, the Battista. As the uncle of Nino Farina, Battista played a crucial role in igniting his nephew’s passion for motorsport. This edition commemorates the profound impact Nino Farina made on the racing world. From his historic victories to becoming the first Formula One World Champion, each Battista Edizione Nino Farina represents a significant milestone in Nino Farina’s extraordinary life.

Curated Exterior Design: The Battista Edizione Nino Farina features an awe-inspiring exterior design that effortlessly combines technological innovation with Pininfarina’s elegant heritage. Its bespoke Rosso Nino body colour pays homage to the iconic Italian racing red associated with Nino Farina’s triumphs. The exquisite detailing, including a special livery in Bianco Sestriere and Iconica Blu, showcases the unique lineage of this limited-edition model. With additions such as the Furiosa Pack and Carbon Accent Pack, the Battista Edizione Nino Farina exudes a captivating presence that distinguishes it as a true collector’s item.

Bespoke Interior Excellence: Step inside the Battista Edizione Nino Farina, and you’ll be enveloped in a bespoke two-tone interior. The driver’s seat is adorned with black sustainable luxury leather, while the passenger seat features contrasting beige and black Alcantara. Exquisite details, such as the embroidered laurel wreath and the ’01’ graphic in gold on the driver’s headrest, enhance the sense of exclusivity. The attention to detail extends throughout the interior, with the iconic Pininfarina logo, duotone contrast stitching and brushed aluminium finishes. This meticulously crafted cabin ensures an unparalleled driving and passenger experience.

Unmatched Performance: Equipped with a state-of-the-art powertrain, the Battista Edizione Nino Farina delivers mind-boggling performance. Powered by a high-capacity 120 kWh lithium-ion battery and four independent high-performance electric motors, it boasts a staggering 1,900 hp and 2,340 Nm of torque. This hyper GT achieves unprecedented acceleration, reaching 0-100 km/h in a jaw-dropping 1.86 seconds and a top speed of 350 km/h (217 mph). With a driving range of up to 476 km (296 miles) according to WLTP combined standards, the Battista flawlessly combines hypercar performance with the comfort and elegance of a traditional GT.

Conclusion: The Pininfarina Battista Nino Farina Edition is an extraordinary testament to the legendary motorsport icon and the unmatched craftsmanship of Pininfarina. With its limited availability and bespoke features celebrating Nino Farina’s illustrious career, this hyper GT is a true collector’s dream. The Battista Edizione Nino Farina stands as the epitome of Italian excellence and heritage, offering unrivalled performance, luxurious interiors, and an awe-inspiring design. Prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey that blends automotive innovation and motorsport history.

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