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“ Simple being” Mr Ken

We had an interesting opportunity to grab a piece of mind from one of the industry veterans Mr Ken lee who is currently working at Nissan design studio, Japan as a Design director.

This podcast captures the design portrait of Mr Ken lee where he shares his humble journey as a child living in Hong Kong and moving places around the world to discover his passion for car design.

We often wonder whether a place, geography, or cultural aspect influences our approach to design. Finally, we have an answer to that question. Mr Ken explains to us how spatial awareness makes cars from the eastern world sensitive to details whereas in the west it’s about capturing mesmerizing silhouettes. We are sure young designers want a perspective on the transition from being a designer to a design Manager. We are glad to have a realistic and honest reply to this tough question. Mr Ken narrates his entire breadth of design journey from days of labour-intensive sketch process to hi-tech 3d sketching which is a delight for design sketch historians.

Throughout this conversation, we filtered out the show biz of car design and presented you with a portrait of simply being a car designer. We have often seen car designers depicted passionately refining lines and talking about surface inspiration. However, very few talk about design that matters to the masses. Designing for empathy is one of the challenging assignments for any car designer. Car designers are often lost in the pursuit of aesthetic excellence and miss the chance to strike the right balance between form-function. Our guest in this podcast has been fortunate to design products that cater to the aspirations and use cases of millions. Mr Ken shares his insights and experience in designing pick trucks for the Middle East where Nissan holds an iron grip in the market. He also talks about the state of flow where all your research just bleeds out on the paper and the rest is history.

Car design is not just styling but also a tool to serve the mobility needs of everyone. We admire the contributions and impact Mr Ken has on the practice of car design by Designing products that matter.

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