Unleashing the Future: Introducing the Alpine A290_β – A Striking Fusion of Performance, Innovation, and Sustainability

The A290_β combines a racing soul with urban influences. It is designed for a new generation of hot-hatch enthusiasts. It’s proportions and technical details instantly sweep you into a reinvented motorsport universe. To be true to Alpine’s driving experience know-how, we placed the driver at the centre of the cockpit. The A290_β is designed – inside and outside – around this principle. As we go electric, this is one way of showing that we are attached to Alpine’s DNA and the spirit that is guiding us as we develop the Alpines for tomorrow.

Antony Villain, Design Director, Alpine


Like the Alpenglow concept car before it, the Alpine A290_β has all the design hallmarks that will define the Dream Garage vehicles. And this show car comes with even more striking features including archetypal Alpine wheel rims, a cockpit inspired by the ones in racing cars, and noble, long-lasting materials.

Fusion, performance, and the A290_β concept’s soul

The Alpine A290_β show car was created around the feeling of fusing with the machinery. It intertwines the brand’s legendary passion for motorsports and the one-of-a-kind sensations that stepping into an Alpine arouses. A magenta line cuts across the car, underscoring its might, speed, and technicity. This stripe symbolizes the human-machine connection. The blue line points to the connection between the driver and passengers. The blue around the car fades to magenta and visibly underlines both links.

“We created something completely geared for the future. We wanted up-to-the-minute surfaces, details, and materials, a vehicle that fulfils every Alpine promise, that’s exciting, surprising, and not even remotely nostalgic or backwards-looking.” Raphaël Linari, Chief Designer, Alpine

Exterior design: all about performance

The A290_β includes all the Alpine brand’s ingredients and treats drivers to a radically new experience in an electric sports car at the top of its game. The dynamic and categorically modern body, combining muscular shapes and razor-sharp technical details, radiates its uncompromising attitude to performance. This show car is 4.05 meters long, 1.85 meters wide, and 1.48 meters high and is a taster for a sparkling, agile production car with a short wheelbase and wider track for sporty driving and greater stability at high speeds.

Aerodynamics shaped for driving pleasure

The Alpine A290_β’s designers pored over even the tiniest details to maximize the show car’s aerodynamic performance and the sensations behind the wheel. The front bumper has large air inlets that enhance the car’s aerodynamics while cooling it more efficiently. The ultra-slim floating rear-view mirrors also play a part in the car’s road grip, and the indicator bands underline the vehicle’s versatility and oomph.

There are other sculpted air inlets beneath the headlights, to help air flow smoothly and add a motor-sports vibe. The battery fans are visible and look a bit like the fans cooling supercharged gaming PCs.

The windshield stretches conspicuously over the bonnet to deepen the connection between the outside and inside and to shine a light on the central driving seat. It provides a unique view of the arrow-shaped dashboard inspired by Formula 1 cars’ nose cones, and this architecture in a class by itself extends outwards with the mirrors.

An X-shaped light signature

The two X-shaped sets of lights at the front of the A290_β are very much like the ones the production model will feature. They stem, to some extent,

from Alpine’s racing heritage, with the X shape symbolizing the convergence of performance and innovation. The LED headlights are sleek and dynamic, emphasizing the car’s aggressive stance on the road.

Moving to the side of the A290_β, the sculpted bodywork showcases its sporty character. The pronounced wheel arches house the distinctive Alpine wheel rims, a signature design element that adds a touch of elegance and athleticism. The lower part of the doors features a magenta accent, emphasizing the car’s electric nature and creating a visual link with the magenta line that runs across the vehicle.

The rear of the A290_β is equally captivating, with a sleek and aerodynamic design. The taillights feature a unique lighting pattern that mimics the X-shaped front lights, creating a harmonious visual identity. The rear diffuser enhances aerodynamic efficiency, while the dual exhaust outlets add a sporty touch.

Interior design: immersive driving experience

Stepping inside the Alpine A290_β reveals a driver-focused cockpit designed to provide an immersive driving experience. The central driving seat, reminiscent of a racing car setup, puts the driver at the heart of the action. The seat is surrounded by high-quality materials and finishes, showcasing Alpine’s commitment to luxury and comfort.

The dashboard features an arrow-shaped design inspired by the nose cones of Formula 1 cars, further emphasizing the car’s performance-oriented nature. The digital instrument cluster provides essential driving information, while the infotainment system integrates seamlessly with the driver’s needs.

In terms of technology, the A290_β incorporates advanced driver-assistance systems and connectivity features to enhance safety and convenience. The interior space is optimized to accommodate passengers comfortably, with ample legroom and storage options.

Electric Performance and Sustainability

The Alpine A290_β is an all-electric sports car that combines exhilarating performance with sustainability. While specific technical details and performance figures are not provided in the press release, it is expected to deliver impressive acceleration and handling characteristics, thanks to its electric powertrain and lightweight construction.

As an electric vehicle, the A290_β contributes to reducing emissions and promoting a cleaner future for mobility. Alpine’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in the use of noble, long-lasting materials in the car’s construction, ensuring durability and minimizing environmental impact.

Overall, the Alpine A290_β concept car represents a bold vision for the future of electric sports cars. With its striking design, immersive driving experience, and sustainable performance, it showcases Alpine’s dedication to pushing boundaries and delivering thrilling driving experiences in an electrified era.

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