The Future is Now: Meet Mitsubishi Moonstone – the Electric Crossover of Tomorrow

In a world where environmentally friendly vehicles are becoming more and more important, the Master Course in Transportation Design students at IED Torino has collaborated with Mitsubishi Motors to create a new electric crossover that takes care of both style and substance. Meet the Mitsubishi Moonstone, a prototype vehicle that embodies the future of sustainable transportation.

This zero-emission concept vehicle is a testament to Mitsubishi’s commitment to excellence in design and 4×4 performance. The vehicle was created by 17 students who were tasked with designing the Mitsubishi crossover of the future. The students were provided with images that set the tone for their thesis project and rose to the challenge by creating unique plans that met Mitsubishi’s requirements.

The result of their hard work is the Mitsubishi Moonstone, a fully electric crossover that seamlessly blends performance, style, and environmental sustainability. The vehicle’s design symbolizes the curiosity and boldness required to tackle new challenges, with its aerodynamic shape and stillness making it a sight to behold. The interior was digitally developed by the students using cutting-edge three-dimensional virtual design technology, resulting in a unique and unexpected dashboard that plays with full and empty spaces.

Moonstone is a fully electric concept crossover SUV with a sporty appearance that perfectly bridges the gap between Italian design and Japanese auto manufacturing. With a length of 4660 mm, width of 2000 mm, height of 1680 mm, and wheelbase of 2700 mm, this vehicle is the perfect size for the city and off-road driving. The surface treatment includes colour blocking that highlights the design’s unique features and the lidar on the bonnet and visible fog lights give the car a distinct look.

The doors of the Mitsubishi Moonstone are shaped to convey sportiness and provide enough room for four occupants. The combination of a completely closed-painted grille and four-wheel drive ensures that the vehicle is unmistakably electric. In collaboration with Lechler, OZ Racing, and Pirelli, tires, wheels, and paint were created to complete the look of this innovative vehicle.

The Mitsubishi Moonstone was officially presented on Tuesday, March 28th, in a live-streaming broadcast from OGR-Officine Grandi Riparazioni in Torino. From Wednesday, March 29th to Saturday, September 30th, 2023, the vehicle will be on display at MAUTO – Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile di Torino for the public to marvel at.

This new electric crossover is a bold step towards a more sustainable future, where we can still enjoy high-performance vehicles without sacrificing our environment. The Mitsubishi Moonstone is a stunning testament to the ingenuity and creativity of the Master Course in Transportation Design students at IED Torino and a perfect example of what is possible when innovative minds come together to solve the world’s problems.

Design Team

Hsu Yung Chun(Taiwan), Samuel Aguilar Martin (Spain), WILLIAM BARBOSA GOMEZ (Colombia), Vincenzo Dimitrios Lamattina (Italia), Ram Komawar (India), Antonio Mazza (Italy), Stefan Syarov (Switzerland), Jason George Pereira (India), Manoj Sunderrajulu (India), Rohit Singh (India), Andrea Saba (Italia), Yawei Fu (China), Xiao Wang (China), Siddhant Sanjeev Aggarwal (India), Samarth Handa (India)

Master Coordinator: Michele Albera

Project Coordinators: Michele AlberaMasato Inoue

Technical sponsors: pirelli | ozracingwheels | Lechler

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