Smart Unveils Its First-Ever Sports Utility Coupe, the Smart #3, at Auto Shanghai

The world-renowned automaker, Smart, has recently launched its newest addition to the lineup of electric cars, the Smart #3, during an exclusive brand event at Auto Shanghai. Smart has always been committed to finding the best solutions for future urban mobility, and Smart #3 is no exception. With state-of-the-art connectivity as its guiding principle, the Smart #3 is designed to be both sporty and practical, all while maintaining the uncompromising quality of experience and interaction that Smart is known for.

Dirk Adelmann, CEO Smart Europe: “We are proud to finally present our first ever sports utility coupé, the all-new smart #3 to the world. As an all-electric pioneer smart is committed to the uncompromising quality of experience and interactions. Our goal has always been to address the multifaceted and changing needs for mobility. Therefore, smart will keep on expanding its product family to offer a variety of cars that optimally suit different customer groups and lifestyles.”

Premium Design Inside and Out

The Smart #3’s design is defined by seamless, smooth lines and athletic curves that enhance its aerodynamic performance. The front of the vehicle is accentuated by slimmed-down CyberSparks LED headlights and a distinctive “shark nose” paired with an A-shape wide grill. The prominent two-tone roof meets with the signature line that resembles a tensed bow, creating a smooth, elegant, and sporty fastback silhouette. The spoiler, C-pillar, and rear fender, combined with the bumper, create a modern curvature, and taillights with pixelated elements support the premium feel.

Inside, the Smart #3’s cockpit takes up the sporty energy with circular shapes evocative of turbine intakes, embedding voluminous elements throughout a calm and stylish architecture. The sculpted dashboard flows seamlessly into a high console, housing the central cockpit, a 12.8-inch elevated central screen. The combination of natural light from the halo roof and artificial illumination from multi-coloured ambient lighting further enhances the airy interior atmosphere. Thanks to a longer wheelbase, the Smart #3 offers an even more spacious interior. Integrated headrests additionally increase driving comfort and underline the sporty interior design concept.

Exciting Colors and Infotainment System

The Smart #3 will come in new and exciting colours, including a vibrant Photon Orange Metallic and a futuristic Electric Blue Matte exterior, as well as a new Vibrant Brown interior variant. Furthermore, the infotainment system, equipped with a 13-speaker Beats® Soundsystem, complements the avant-garde Smart #3 cabin experience.

A New Era of Smart Cars

Smart’s CEO, Dirk Adelmann, stated that Smart #3 represents the company’s commitment to addressing the multifaceted and changing needs of urban mobility. “Our goal has always been to offer a variety of cars that optimally suit different customer groups and lifestyles,” he said. With Smart #3, Smart is expanding its product family to meet the demands of customers who require a sporty and practical electric car.

European Launch

The Smart #3 will be presented to the European audience at IAA in September 2023, before launching in the respective European markets early next year. Further details on the new Smart #3 for the European market will be released at a later stage.

In conclusion, Smart #3 is a remarkable addition to the world of electric cars. With its premium design inside and out, exciting colours, and innovative infotainment system, the Smart #3 is sure to impress. As Smart continues to explore the best solutions for future urban mobility, Smart #3 represents a new era of Smart cars that are sporty, practical, and environmentally friendly.

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